Now lending portable turntables at the Music and Media Library

Turntable and vinyl records

The new turntable and a selection of the Music and Media library’s vinyl

Do you have vinyl records you want to play, but no turntable? Or are you thinking about starting a vinyl collection, but want to first try some records out? Or do you just want to listen to one of Emory’s approximately 7000 vinyl records in the comfort of your own dorm room?

To support our large vinyl collection, the Heilbrun Music and Media Library (Woodruff Library, 4th floor above the front entrance) is now lending out portable turntables, available for 7-day loans. The Numark PT01USB Turntable can be plugged into an outlet or can be powered by batteries. It can play 33, 45, and 78 RPM records, and it can play through external speakers, headphones, its own small speaker, or even a computer. The turntable comes with detailed instructions for those who have never played a vinyl record before, or for those who are unfamiliar with this turntable model. To borrow a turntable, just ask at the Music and Media Library service desk. As a borrower, please take care with the components, as some turntable parts easily break (especially the needle).

A hidden vinyl collection

Emory’s vinyl collection is made up mostly of classical music, but with significant popular and jazz selections, released mainly during 1950s–1980s. We are also adding brand new vinyl from Atlanta-area artists every year. The Music and Media Library is also planning on augmenting our collection with 2,500 more vintage vinyl records over the next two years, part of a backlog of unprocessed materials.

How do I find Emory vinyl to check out?

The vinyl albums are stored behind the desk at the Music and Media Library—simply look up the record call number in DiscoverE (such as DISC 8317) and then bring that number to the service desk. The student at the desk will quickly clean the dust off the record and then check it out to you. Vinyl records have the same lending period as the DVD-Lend collection, which for students and staff is 3 days with one renewal. Please return any vinyl albums and the turntable directly to the Music and Media Library service desk instead of returning in the exterior book returns.

Besides the portable turntable, we also have two professional turntables on site at the Music and Media Library—you are welcome to play the vinyl on these players, also. These turntables also have helpful operation instructions posted next to the machines.

In addition to the vinyl recordings, the Music and Media Library also has a large collection of compact discs and provides access to several thousands of tracks of streaming audio. Happy listening!