Readux digitization repository now live

Readux, our online viewer for the Large Scale Digitization repository, has gone live!

Readux collections

Take a look at our digital collections in Readux

The new site, which you can visit now at, gives you direct access to many items digitized as collections of scholarly interest from our libraries. These items, while long available individually through discoverE, are now viewable as collections in themselves.

From Pitts Theology Library you can select a Theology Reference collection, a Methodism collection, and some Methodist Conference minutes. From Health Sciences you can access a Medical Heritage collection. Several collections from MARBL, including yellowbacks, triple deckers, and regimental histories are now available. From the archives you can browse a fascinating collection of Emory yearbooks. In addition there are collections of African American literature, Baedecker travel guides from the 19th and early 20th centuries, and a collection of material published during the period of the American Civil War.

Currently, you can view the PDFs created by the digitization process, and you can search the content of the books. You can also send a book to Voyant to do some textual analysis, and you can add the PDF to your Zotero collection. Upcoming releases will add even more functionality to this site.

The software development team in the library, and in particular to Rebecca Sutton Koeser and Kevin Glover, have created the terrific design and functionality of this site.

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