Social Sciences Research Methods Cases Trial

As a means to continue supporting the quantitative methods curriculum in the social sciences (and other areas, such as public health), Woodruff Library has begun a trial of the Sage Research Methods Online Cases module (

Regression_linesWhat is SAGE Research Methods Cases?

SAGE Research Methods Cases is a unique collection of hundreds of case studies for use in the teaching of research methods. Cases are drawn from around the world, from established academics, post-docs and PhD students, working across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines and working with the widest range of different research methods. The goal of the collection is to provide students and faculty with short usable examples of methods and research in action, drawn from real research projects, to support teaching and learning in research methods.

What is a ‘case’?

A case is a short, accessible description, of a research project or a method in action. They have been  written to develop new researchers’ and students’ understanding of the realities of doing a research project or using a particular method. Cases should help students and new researchers move beyond the learning that they might get from reading textbooks on research methods, , so that they can see how methods are applied in the messier and more contingent world of real research projects.

What are the benefits to me of these cases?

Cases directly link toeach author’s research outputs. Similar cases are linked to to one another, and to related content on SAGE Research Methods, SAGE Journals and to SAGE Knowledge (as well as to external tools such as Google Scholar).

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