Umbrellas Now Available for Loan at the Library Service Desk

If you’ve ever been working Unbrella signor studying at Woodruff during a rain storm, you know the dilemma of not having an umbrella close at hand.  As the rain pours down, your mind is filled with questions.  How long will the rain continue to fall?  Can I make it to class or the parking deck without getting soaked?  Should I run through the rain or wait a little longer to go outside?

Now you have an option available to you at the Library Service Desk.  You can check out an umbrella!

Yes, the Library Service Desk now has attractive, easy to use umbrellas available for seven day loan.  Any student, staff, or faculty member who has borrowing privileges may check out an umbrella just like any other item in the library’s collection.  Availability is on a first come first served basis.

Stop by the Desk and take a look at the new umbrellas.  They are there for you!  

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