What we are reading in the library

As the holiday season begins, hopefully you will find yourself with some downtime to restock your leisure reading collection. With that in mind the Woodruff Library’s public service folks shared their recent reads, which ranges from nonfiction to classic science fiction:Books

What we have? The Emory libraries collect books for all interests including award winning fiction and nonfiction, New York Times bestsellers, and popular titles in YA, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels.

Where to find it? All of our books are listed in DiscoverE from e-books to graphic novels. If you want to browse our collections for an entertaining distraction for a plane, train, or automobile then you’ll want to explore our e-books via Overdrive or explore the Popular Reading McNaughton shelves at Woodruff Library and the new Science Commons. For our award-winning collections, you’ll find most of these titles in the Woodruff Stacks. Also, if you have 1-2 days for delivery time to the Atlanta campus, the Oxford Library’s New Books collection is well worth exploring and is available to all.

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  1. I’ve been looking for ideas for new books to read, thank you for these suggestions. I am certainly going to read ‘The Girl on the Train’ I have heard so many positive things about the book.

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