Why isn’t my laptop connecting?

Today (March 11th) at 6AM, the Bradford Network Access Control solution was deployed on EmoryUnplugged within Woodruff Library.

Wireless users connecting their computers to EmoryUnplugged should anticipate a Bradford Networks system message asking them to register their computer using their Emory Network ID and password prior to being granted network access.  This required authentication should only occur once upon successful device registration.



First, you will be asked to register.

Please type your user name and password and click CONTINUE.  This will begin a download that could take up to 10 minutes.  We apologize for this inconvenience.



persistent-agent_optWhen the download is complete, you will see a Bradford Network login box.  Please login again using your user name and password.   Remember, this process will only occur once.

If you don’t see the request OR experience any problems upon initially connecting to EmoryUnplugged, please go to the  Library Service Desk (2nd floor, Woodruff Library)  and look for the sign that says “need help with emoryunplugged?” You can also follow standard procedure for reporting IT issues by either contacting your local IT support, or by contacting the Service Desk at 727-7777.

NOTE: EmoryGuest is not effected, so this might be a temporary solution for those having issues who need to be connected immediately.


Luckily, mobile devices (phones, ipads) will register automatically without being prompted.

In addition and during the registration process, the NAC system will also perform a posture check for the presence of antivirus software.  Computers with no antivirus software will simply be advised of the condition via a Bradford system message and then proceed in obtaining access to the network upon successful authentication.

Questions or concerns regarding the deployment should be directed to Alan White, awhite7 [at] emory [dot] edu and Keith Foster, keith [dot] foster [at] emory [dot] edu .  Thanks.

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