New for 2024: Woodruff Library self-service holds

Self-service holds shelving located next to the Level 2 Service Desk.

Self-service holds shelving located next to the Level 2 Service Desk.

In our continuous efforts to enhance user experience, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new self-service holds pick up feature at the Woodruff Library, beginning Spring 2024. This service aims to provide library users with greater flexibility and accessibility when it comes to retrieving their requested items.

The focal point of this enhancement will be the self-service holds shelf conveniently located at the library service desk on Level 2. This means that all hold requests will seamlessly transition to this self-service model. By doing so, we empower our users to retrieve their requested items at their convenience and beyond library service desk hours.

To streamline the retrieval process, holds will be organized by patron name. Identifying stickers affixed to each book will display the first four letters of the last name and the first two letters of the first name. This system is designed to facilitate quick and accurate identification, ensuring that users can effortlessly locate and retrieve their requested items.

In tandem with the self-service holds shelf, we are pleased to announce the availability of self-checkout stations. Positioned strategically next to the self-service holds shelf and directly across from the library service desk, these stations offer a seamless and efficient checkout process.

Self-check station, located next to the self-service holds shelf.

A self-check station, located next to the self-service holds shelf.

The introduction of self-service holds at Woodruff Library represents a significant step towards providing a more user-centric and efficient library experience. By leveraging technology and thoughtful organization, we aim to empower our patrons with greater control over their interactions with library resources. Starting Spring 2024, we invite you to explore the convenience of self-service holds at the Robert W. Woodruff Library.

· For seamless access to DVDs, LPs, and diverse media, kindly consult our staff for efficient item requests, or contact Ask-a-Librarian for inquiries.

· Emory students, staff, and faculty may also enjoy the convenience of 24/7 lockers for streamlined material requests and pickups, complementing our self-service holds.

· See the Self-Service Holds FAQ for more information.