New production studios create spaces for student and faculty videography

Emory students and faculty will soon have three new production studios for recording videos, podcasts, lectures, and more. Opening this semester on

Students record a video in the Student Production Studio, one of three new production studios in the Woodruff Library. Photo courtesy Academic Technology Services.

Level 1 of the Woodruff Library, these studios will be excellent places to cut out background noise from audio tracks or use professional equipment to make video projects.

  • The updated Student Production Studio is a photography and audio/video recording space for students, featuring a specially designed production set, professional lighting, high-end equipment, and staff assistance. The new space features improved soundproofing, an expanded selection of production equipment, and the ability to check out studio gear at the Student Tech Support desk. Students can reserve time online at for equipment training (required to reserve the studio) and studio use.
  • The Academic Production Studio is a high-end video production space in support of academic projects. Now 900 square feet, the space allows for two large production sets: a semi-permanent 2-3 person interview space, and a more mobile and flexible filming set with moveable panels to accommodate a wider variety of teaching and learning needs. Current additions include a Lightboard, or transparent white board, available for video lectures and presentations. The Lightboard allows the presenter to face the camera and still be seen while also writing on the illuminated surface (this video shows an example of a Lightboard lecture). Access to and use of the studio is managed by the content production team in Teaching & Learning Technologies.
  • The One-Button Studio is a small, self-service video recording space, located in Room 101, for faculty, students, and staff that want an easy-to-schedule, DIY option for video recording. The One-Button Studio is designed for straightforward, single-person recordings, allowing users to capture short, high-quality lectures or demonstration videos without the need for additional production resources. The lighting and audio hardware in the room is configured for simplicity, allowing the subject to insert a USB drive and capture their video with the press of a single button. Information on booking and accessing this new space will be coming during the fall.

To learn more about the Student Production Studio, contact Alex Kyrychenko for more information or visit To learn about the Academic Production or One-Button studios, contact Teaching & Learning Technologies staff at classes [at] emory [dot] edu.

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