One-Button Studio makes DIY video projects a snap

by Emory Libraries

The One-Button Studio is now open on Level 1 of the Woodruff Library, courtesy of Emory’s Academic Technology Services. This new space allows

Inserting a USB drive turns on the lights and camera; pushing the button starts the recording.

Emory students, faculty and staff to record a quality HD video with the touch of a single button, without any prior production experience.

To record a video, users insert a USB drive, which automatically turns on the pre-set microphone, camera, and studio lights. A push of one button starts and stops the recording.

The studio is available Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., and can be reserved through the Student Digital Life Resource Scheduler. Extended evening and weekend hours may be added in the near future. Users can reserve the space for a maximum of three hours. Because of its size, the studio can accommodate just two people.

The space is ideal for practicing a presentation, recording an interview or lecture, or creating a podcast. The studio has a gray background for filming, but green and blue screen options are also available for swapping backgrounds in post-production.

The One Button Studio webpage includes filming tips. To learn more, Emory faculty, staff, and students can access, an open online resource with more than 4,000 video classes, including a wide array of short courses on video production that includes writing, recording, editing, and presenting.

For more complex projects, the Student Production Studio on Level 1 of the Woodruff Library provides a larger space with more specialized, customizable, high-end equipment for video and audio recordings.

The MediaLab in the Woodruff Library’s Music & Media Library, located on Level 4 above the main entrance, is a post-production space. Users have access to a variety of specialized software, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro X, PluralEyes and more. Student technology specialists are available for assistance during staffed hours.

For media inquiries, contact: 

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