Woodruff Library Level 1 renovations underway

Renovations begin on June 13 on Level 1 of Emory University’s Woodruff Library, which will be redesigned for undergraduate use. The space will be

This is the view facing the back of Peet’s Coffee & Tea on Level 1. Workstations have been stored to make way for a new undergraduate student commons, with new carpet and furniture and more power outlets. Photo: Emory Libraries.

updated with new furniture and carpeting, additional seating, and more power outlets for charging portable electronic devices.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, which is closed for the summer, and the group study rooms will remain on Level 1, as will Student Technology Support (STS) and the meditation room.

During the renovation, however, all of Level 1 will be inaccessible except for STS.

Work has already begun, with workstations removed and carpeting and

Bound copies of the House of Commons Parliamentary debates (U.K.), 1928-1930. Photo: Emory Libraries.

shelving torn out in the weeks after commencement.

Most of the cabinets of microfilm and microfiche, as well as most of the government documents collection, are moving to the Library Service Center, the Georgia Tech-Emory shared facility that opened in 2016. Items from these collections will be available upon request. The government documents that will remain in the Woodruff Library will be relocated to Level 2.

A small number of microform cabinets will remain on Level 1; patrons should contact the Library Service Desk on Level 2 for assistance in finding materials by emailing servicedesk [at] mail [dot] library [dot] emory [dot] edu. Two of the microform readers will be moved to Level 2.

Renovations are expected to start around the same time for the lobby of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library, which will include a new

Government reports, survey results, proceedings from hearings, and other materials on a wide variety of issues, ready to be transported to the Library Service Center. Photo: Emory Libraries.

service desk. Both projects should be finished by the start of the fall 2017 semester.

Watch for an expanded story at the start of the fall semester on the renovations’ features and upgrades.

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