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MARBL’s Digital Archives Program Continues to Evolve and Expand

Lucille Clifton's Word Processor and Monitor, Digital Archives, MARBL     Share Related Story: The Digital Archives Program Settles Into MARBL. Related Links:  Digital Archives Digital Access    Join the discussion MARBL'S Digital Archives program is still new, only in its second year, deeply collaborative, and, in keeping with the larger field, constantly evolving. Our…

The Digital Archives Program Settles in to MARBL

by Erika Farr, Coordinator for Digital Archives, MARBL WRITERS Exhibit on display in theSchatten Gallery, Woodruff Library, 3rd Fl. Two events this week remind me why archives, digital stewardship, and curation are not only vital to documenting our cultural moment but also can prove enthralling and inspirational. The first of these events is wonderfully local….