Mass Incarceration


The Mass Incarceration group consists of 8 members of Dr. Lawrence Jackson’s African American Studies course on Baltimore Uprisings at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. Gebereal Baitey ‘19, Nkosi Cave ‘19, Katherine Greener ‘17, Olivia Keck ‘18, Cale Kennedy ‘18, William Palmer ‘18, Jalyn Radziminkski ‘18, and Caroline Wilkerson ‘18 have been working tirelessly with leaders like Dayvon Love, founder of the non-profit organization Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, to find what initiative can be taken to help solve the issue that is the mass incarceration of African-American men in America. Through research, and the guidance of more experienced activists like Dr. Jackson and Mr. Love, we look to provide multiple perspectives as well as a plethora of manners in which we can contribute to this worthy cause. For more information on our research sources, methods and motives, as well as some of the members of our group, feel free to visit out Weebly site at: