Collaboration with Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform


Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform is a political advocacy group founded by a group of physicians who were struck by the myriad of ways that negative encounters with the criminal justice system lead to detrimental health consequences. Their mission is to advocate to eliminate the damaging health consequences that can result from negative interactions with the criminal justice system. Our group collaborated with Dr. Inzinga Harrison through PfCJR to sustain their needs of creating template for a platform where they could share articles that summarize the research they collected, blogs, and reviews to the general public.

We developed a template for a newsletter incorporating their logo, color scheme, and digested information that they hoped to share. Additionally, to be able to present information in an comprehendible format members of the group generated visual info graphs highlighting the statistics of the criminal justice system in the United States.









The other work that we conducted to support PfCJR was the use of social media and internet presence to increase awareness and knowledge of the bidirectional relationship between health and the criminal justice system through sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and twitter where information can be shared to the masses. Although these were already in place, Dr. Harrison absorbed our ideas and suggestion and has incorporated them in her work.



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Work in Baltimore: “Total Healthcare” with Dr. Janice Stevenson

Total healthcare is a nonprofit, tax-exempt community health center in West Baltimore. They allow families to receive the best care through the provision of care from doctors who are able to cater to the unique needs of residents in the Baltimore community. Total healthcare is accessible, has a drop-off pick-up service, and provides diagnosis and treatment to allow a speedy recovery to take place. Our collaboration involved an informal interview with Dr. Janice Stevenson who has worked with trauma recovery for over 30 years. She aids a large range of patients such as foster and delinquent youth, persons facing criminal charges, abuse victims of various types (abandonment, physical, emotional, sexual, and sexual), and persons facing life changing and life altering circumstances (divorce, marriage, job changes, and other changes in their circumstances).


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 AAS 100 Health Care_Final Report