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Teaching a Flipped, Fully Online Class Using Small Group Work

By: Patrick Cafferty Here’s a detailed description of how I teach a flipped, completely online class where students view pre-recorded minilectures and complete short assignments asynchronously on their own time and work together in small groups on activities during synchronous class time. Cafferty, P (2020, August) Teaching a Flipped, Fully Online Class Using Small GroupWork….

Submit Questions Before Class

By: Cecile Janssens I ask students to submit a question about the required reading materials before class (as a small assignment that counts towards grading). During class, I use these questions to guide conversations. Instead of asking if anyone has a question, I know they all had one, and I select the most relevant/informative for…

Zoom Breakout Rooms

By: Lisa Dillman Zoom has a setting where you can control how long students are giving to return from a Breakout Room. The default is 1 minute. For some of us, e.g. teaching language, it’s useful to have students in pairs/groups for just 2-3 min for a very discrete-point activity, and thus 1 min to…