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Zoom Breakout Rooms and Embedded Quizzes

By: Douglas Mulford I have prepared a couple of video tutorials for teaching online this fall. First is how to do embedded quizzes in Canvas ( and the second is how to use the pre-assigned breakout rooms in Zoom ( I hope these help!

Poll Everywhere

By: Susan Smith Having a group answer questions, I would recommend an app called Poll Everywhere. This app can be utilized to have the group answer anything from M Choice to open ended questions anonymously. You can then display the answers and discuss how the group answered. One of the other features on Zoom that…

Using Zoom annotations for collective writing feedback

By: Hannah Nicol I teach writing, and one approach that works well for any sort of editing or writing feedback task is inviting screen annotations. My students have never been more engaged than when they can decorate my screen with scribbles, symbols, and colors to describe the changes they’d like to see in a writing…