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Virtual Open Office

By: Regine Haardoefer To replicate my open-door policy, I instituted a virtual open door. In pre-COVID times, the students would know that I’m open to interruption if my door was ajar or open. To mimic this, when I was open to interruption, I sent an email to all the students in my class and those…

Scribble with Whiteboard

by: Elena Cholakova Scribble together whiteboard is an app that allows you to write in the score in real-time. You can share the score with the student and enable them to draw in it.

New Electives During A Pandemic

by: Holly Gooding With all of the Emory medical students displaced from the clinical environment due to the pandemic, we needed to urgently create new elective courses for them to pursue while learning remotely. I partnered with Dr. Hughes Evans and Dr. Mehul Tejani to create a four week elective focused on four weekly themes:…