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The Artistic Office Hour Promotes Personal Student-Faculty Interactions

By: Patrick Cafferty Here’s a detailed description of how I promoted student engagement in the online environment using an alternative form of office hour called the Artistic Office Hour. During the Artistic Office Hour, students and I met weekly using videoconferencing software to color illustrations from discipline-specific coloring books or work on personal art projects,…

Teaching a Flipped, Fully Online Class Using Small Group Work

By: Patrick Cafferty Here’s a detailed description of how I teach a flipped, completely online class where students view pre-recorded minilectures and complete short assignments asynchronously on their own time and work together in small groups on activities during synchronous class time. Cafferty, P (2020, August) Teaching a Flipped, Fully Online Class Using Small GroupWork….

Zoom Breakout Rooms and Embedded Quizzes

By: Douglas Mulford I have prepared a couple of video tutorials for teaching online this fall. First is how to do embedded quizzes in Canvas ( and the second is how to use the pre-assigned breakout rooms in Zoom ( I hope these help!

Combining Google Docs and Zoom breakout rooms for interactive activities

By a) providing a shared document that can be edited by all students, b) putting students into breakout rooms, and c) having them work on different parts of the document (e.g. Google Slides with Activities 1-4 for breakout rooms 1-4), you can allow students to work together to review content and compile notes. Pros- the…

Poll Everywhere

By: Susan Smith Having a group answer questions, I would recommend an app called Poll Everywhere. This app can be utilized to have the group answer anything from M Choice to open ended questions anonymously. You can then display the answers and discuss how the group answered. One of the other features on Zoom that…

How to create your own home teleprompter

By: Astrid Eckert How to create your own home teleprompter (by Yair Minzker, Princeton)

Poll Feature In Zoom

By: Tsepak Rigzin I plan to use poll feature of Zoom, every day, in every class, with one quiz question in different variant forms, as a warm-up call for the Zoom meeting and small discussion talks. Also, would like to use this feature as a mini in-class activity for breakout rooms sessions. This way we…

Scribble with Whiteboard

by: Elena Cholakova Scribble together whiteboard is an app that allows you to write in the score in real-time. You can share the score with the student and enable them to draw in it.

Student Engagement

by: Tanvi Dhere In order to engage students during virtual teaching, I found the whiteboard option on Poll Everywhere to be quite useful. You can ask an open-ended question to students and have them type in answers, which subsequently show up on the whiteboard in real-time.