Welcome to the Emory Biotech Consulting Club, where science and business meet! The Emory Biotech Consulting Club (EBCC) will be a semester-long start-up accelerator open to the entire Emory community, with emphasis on STEM and business graduate students. The intention of the club is to group interested candidates in small teams, and to pair teams with Emory investigators (PIs) or local start-ups to provide thorough market analyses and to develop early-stage ideas into preliminary business plans with executive summaries. The Emory Office of Tech Transfer (OTT) will be actively involved with the club, and aide in securing accelerator projects. Teams will be selected from applicant pools from the entire Emory community, where at least one MBA or business student will be placed on each team, if possible. Teams will work on developing their projects in their own time, but will have scheduled meetings with the start-up representative, OTT licensing liaison, and consulting expert throughout the semester. The number of teams will correlate with demand from PIs and applicants; EBCC is expected to operate with approximately 5 teams per cohort. Each cohort will culminate with a presentation of all projects as pitches to the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA), with discussion and questions from a panel of mentors, entrepreneurs, and experts.


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