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About the Program

The Digital Scholarship Internship Program (DSIP) is the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship’s graduate student training and professional development program. The 2015–2016 academic year is the pilot year for the program and we hope that you will help us to make it great! The program presents a unique opportunity for graduate students to learn digital scholarship skills, tools, and methods relating to research and pedagogy, all while gaining experience working with faculty, staff, and students on collaborative projects and initiatives in an academic library. Students will be trained in the use of a variety of digital scholarship tools with the expectation that they will then be able to provide walk-in assistance to the Center’s patrons as well as serve in a support role for ongoing ECDS projects and initiatives. The training and professional development that make up this program are designed to prepare all ECDS graduate student interns to be successful in careers within, alongside, and beyond the academy. As paid employees (starting at $14/hr), students are expected to work 10 hours per week in the Center and are permitted to work on personal projects when not assisting faculty and staff or working on ECDS projects. The program offers opportunities for advancement, increased responsibility, and substantial CV-building.  After a successful first semester, we are hiring again!

Questions? Read more about the program on the ECDS website (, or contact Alan G. Pike, Digital Scholarship Training Coordinator, at (agpike [at] emory [dot] edu)

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