ECDS Welcomes our New Digital Scholarship Internship Program Participants!

The Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) welcomes four new participants to our Digital Scholarship Internship Program (DSIP) this year. Joining us from diverse fields such as the Islamic Civilizations PhD program, the Graduate Division of Religion, Environmental Health Sciences, and the Department of English, our new participants will gain opportunities for professional development across all areas of ECDS including research and teaching in media production, text analysis, publishing, mapping, digital archives, and digitization.

The DSIP presents an uncommon opportunity for graduate students to learn digital scholarship skills, theories, and methods relating to research and pedagogy. Students work regular shifts at the center helping faculty, staff, and students with digital research and pedagogy-related questions. In addition, students are paired with research projects in their area of interest and learn the necessary skills while gaining valuable experience in digital scholarship. Applications for the DSIP open every year in August.

Welcome to ECDS!

Norah Elmagraby
ECDS-Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry 2019 HASTAC Scholar 

Norah headshot outsideNorah Elmagraby is a doctoral candidate in Islamic Civilizations Studies (ICIVS) at Emory University. She specializes in Islam and Ecology, with certification in Global Practice. Prior to her scholarship at Emory University, she earned a Masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University. Norah’s research examines the perception of climate change and natural disasters in the Middle East and North Africa.

As a HASTAC scholar at ECDS and the Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry, she aims to incorporate a digital component to her research by examining the virtual discourse of Islamic environmentalism in the Arab World. At ECDS, Norah will be helping students and faculty with their digital humanities projects, especially with text analysis, network analysis, and social media scraping.

Lauren Highsmith

Lauren at ECDS headshotLauren Highsmith is a PhD student in English.  Her interdisciplinary research explores issues, concepts, and phenomena of (Black) (popular) American culture; intersections between literature and music; ethics; and (African) American literature. Her broader research interests include African American Studies, Performance Studies, Black Feminism, Critical Philosophy of Race, Popular Culture Studies, and Media Studies.

As an intern at ECDS, Lauren is currently helping to record and edit videos for the OutKasted Conversations series founded by Dr. Regina N. Bradley.  She hopes to continue to be involved in projects that build a (digital) archive of African American culture and discuss issues about/significant to the African American community and other communities of color.  Lauren is also currently interested in using digital scholarship to create creative conversation projects about popular music and its creators.

Elizabeth Sajewski

Elizabeth Sajewski is a doctoral student in Environmental Health Science studying the environmental drivers of infectious disease. Her research focuses on waterborne enteric pathogens and population disease dynamics, with particular interest in the use of mathematical models and spatio-temporal analyses to investigate disease dynamics and simulate the impact of public health interventions.

At ECDS, Elizabeth is interested working with GIS to explore the past and present, around Atlanta and beyond, as well as sharing her love for GIS and R with Emory students through workshops and walk-in meetings.

Rachel Stuart

Rachel at ECDS headshotRachel Stuart is a doctoral student in the Graduate Division of Religion, where she studies Hebrew Bible, focusing on ancient Near Eastern languages, early Israelite and ancient Near Eastern religion, warrior poetry, and mythological characterizations of binary categories.

At ECDS, she’s looking forward to working with digitization of manuscripts, as well as working in Photoshop, podcasting and audio editing, Canvas course design and web development, and just about anything else she can find to learn.