Southern Spaces: ‘Loving’ and ‘Moonlight’ film review essay

The critically acclaimed films Loving and Moonlight invite viewers to break expectations of received narrative form and cultural understanding, according to Eric Solomon, doctoral candidate in Emory’s Department of English and review editor for the online journal Southern Spaces, published by Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS).

“Loving and Moonlight, released in the same year, are period pieces illustrating tensions between fixity and fluidity in journeys we must take to love ourselves so that we can engage in acts of loving others,” Solomon writes in his review essay about the 2016 films.

“It is perhaps no accident that both Loving and Moonlight, which ponder never-simple questions of race and sexuality, take place in U.S. southern spaces, spaces historically rife with such interrogations. It is also no accident that neither features stereotypical tropes of ‘southern’ filmic narratives.”

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