Audio Activity 1

We practiced saying the sentences below in class. Read them aloud again and record them, paying close attention to your pitch on key words. Try to imitate the way that Dr. Glass said them. (Click here to listen again: ch1_stress&intonation.)

Then, add TWO of your own sentences. Choose the words in your sentences that you want to emphasize, and use a difference in pitch to indicate the emphasis. Record your sentences wihh clear stress and intonation.

1.  When they TALK to you, they make you FEEL like YOU’RE the ONLY person in the room.

2.  Becoming a good conversationalist requires knowing THREE things. FIRST, how toSTART a conversation, SEcond, how to keep it GOing, and THIRD, how to END it.

3.  The LAST thing people want to hear from a STRANGer is how NOISY  the party is, how AWFUL the food is, or how UGLY the people are dressed.

4. The BEST kind of ice breaker is one that’s POsitive.

This Audio Activity is due Monday, September 23.