ELSP505_03P (MW4:00)

Please tell us your name and your department (or program). Then, tell us about what you like to do in your free time OR a surprising fact about yourself. Finally, tell us if you’ve ever followed or currently follow a blog, and if so, which one(s).

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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Zhuxuan Jin and my English name is Nancy. I like reading novels, go shopping and playing a little badminton in my free time. Something surprising about myself? Well, I am not a very strict vegetarian but I do eat fish. As for blog, I am not very used to following blogs. Perhaps this blog will be my first experience.

  2. My name is Jiulin Hu. I’m in the master degree program of computer science. I have a lot of hobbies in my free time, like wathcing sports games, playing video games, swimming, hiking, climbing, etc . I’m a big fan of Liverpool football club and San Antonio Spurs. I’m not sure if I had ever followed some blogs, but currently I follow nothing.

  3. Greetings!! I’m Yu Gao, a first year PhD student in Math department. I like reading, watching movies and hanging out with friends in my spare time and am very likely to go travelling if I have a long vacation. Recently I develop a new hobby: jogging! It makes me feel good! In terms of blog, to be honest I seldom pay attention to that before.

  4. Hello! I am Yun Wei, a student in Cancer Biology PhD Program. In my spare time, I like watching movies, riding bikes, playing badminton and shopping. If any of you share a common habit with me, feel free to contact me! I have followed blogs in China, which are quite different from the blog here. It’s a new journey, and thank goodness I have you guys with me.

  5. Hello. My name is Kiyoko Takemiya. I’m a postdoctoral fellow in cardiology, department of medicine. It’s my second year in here. One of my hobbies is baking. I love sweets, both eating and baking. Although I know sweets are dangerous for me because of high cholesterol and high calories, they make me happy. I would be very happy if I could get a chance to make you happy with my cake. It is my first experience to follow a blog.

  6. Hi everyone. My name is Qingpo Cai. I am a first year PhD student in biostatistics. During my spare time, I like to play football, watch movies and reading book. I am a big fan of Manchester United Football Club. I have never followed a blog before.

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