Audio Activity 4

For this audio activity, you may choose ONE of the three options below. Please read the directions carefully. Your recording is due Wed., Oct. 16

A. Practice /l/ at the ends of words (and rhythm).

Read the following sentences out loud. Before reading, analyze them into thought groups and decide which words should receive stress and which words should be reduced. (Listen to the interview again if you’re not certain.) Practice saying the sentences a few times before recording them.

  1. Once every  ten years, the National Research Council does what they call a decadal
  2. We were specifically told to come up with a plan that is executable and affordable
    within the available funding.
  3. The third mission rendezvous with that orbital sample, gathers it in, and brings it
    back to earth.
  4. And the beauty of this architecture is that you spread the costs of this very
    complex program over an extended period of time, so the costs per year
    become manageable.

B. Practice Presentation 2

Record one or more section of your presentation. Before recording, mark your transcript for thought groups, highlight key words, and practice at least once. Practice read-and-look-up while recording.

C. Oral summary

Summarize the three stages of the Mission to Mars in 3-4 sentences. Speak in thought groups, emphasize transition words, and reduce function words.

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