Audio Activity 3

DIRECTIONS: Record the sentences below, being careful to produce the verb endings clearly and correctly. In addition, make sure that the verb is stressed and the auxiliary (be) is reduced.

Group 1: Add /∂d/or /Id/, a new UNSTRESSED syllable

  1. The mixture is heated to 96 degrees Celsius.
  2. This process is divided into two major parts.
  3. This step is operated in a sterile environment.

Group 2: Add /d/, no new syllable, consonant ONLY

  1. The healthy condition of the animal can then be confirmed.
  2. These can be classified into 2 types.
  3. Each clinical trial design is composed of 3 steps.

Group 3: Add  /t/, no new syllable, consonant ONLY

  1. The nucleic acid of the virus is released.
  2. The cells are mixed gently with a syringe.
  3. This risk can be reduced to as low as 1%.

Then, record 3 sentences from your own presentation that have “-ed” endings.

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