The Emory University Herbarium does not have a fixed budgetary line from the University. Instead, our funding comes from a variety of sources. Herbarium staff are actively engaged in applying to research and education grant opportunities to support the Mission and Vision of the Emory University Herbarium. In addition to submitting grant applications dedicated solely to Hebarium development, we are also eager to support researchers and educators interested in involving the Herbarium services and resources in their grant applications.

Other sources of funding include materials and facilities support from the Emory University Department of Biology. The majority of our current funding comes from a philanthropic donation dedicated to support the Emory Herbarium Revitalization Project, with a focus on digitizing the entire collection. If you would like to support the Herbarium research, education and outreach mission, please visit the Charitable Donations page for more information.

A summary report of funds is provided below:

  • Philanthropic Donation. Anonymous donor. Purpose: Herbarium Revitalization Project. $250,000. Period: 6/2014-6/2017.
  • Emory University Department of Biology. Purpose: Herbarium materials and supplies. $2,000. Period: 2014/2015 Academic year