Herbarium Library

The Emory University Herbarium (GEO) has a modest library of botanical reference texts for use by Herbarium staff and visitors. The library is composed of older flora with primary relevance to the Southeastern USA. We also use several online resources (listed below). One of our goals is to expand this resource by adding more physical texts to the collection.

How to support the GEO Library

  • We accept donations of botanical reference texts. Find out more on how to make a material donation to the Herbarium here.
  • We have established an Amazon Wish List of needed texts. Donors can place an order on Amazon and the texts will be delivered to the Herbarium Library.
  • We accept financial donations to support Herbarium research and education initiatives, including expansion of the Herbarium Library. Find out more on how to make a charitable donation to the Herbarium here.

Online Resources

Botanical Flora


Lloyd Brothers Drug Treatises (Historical Pharmacy Collection)

Other Resources

Plant Taxonomy

Resources for Educators