Sue M. Lee

这张全景画是张择端的画儿。中国人叫这张画儿“清明上河图。”英文的名字是“Along the River During the Qingming Festival.”“清明上河图”是很有意思和非常有名的中国画。“清明上河图” 描绘了贵族和老百姓的日常生活和经济活动。这张画儿也描绘了开封的风景。这张画儿有大河,有很多树,有很大也很美丽的船,有很多中国特色的建筑,还有穿着很多不同衣服的人。我很喜欢这张画因为这张画的构思好也很生动。看这张画儿就叫我想去这个地方, 成为人群中的一部分。还有这张画的色彩非常浓艳。可是,如果我是画家,我会画很多动物,因为我觉得动物也是人们的生活的一个重要部分。总的来说,我觉得这张全景画很有意思也很美丽。如果我有机会我很想把这张全景画挂在我的宿舍的墙上。

This panoramic painting is called“清明上河图,”or “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” drawn by Zhang Zeduan. It is a very interesting and one of the most famous Chinese paintings. “清明上河图” captures the daily life and economic activiies of people and the landscape of Kaifeng. In this painting, there is a huge river, many trees, big and beautiful boats, lots of architecture that have Chinese characteristics, and people in many different kinds of clothes. I really like this painting because the drawing is lifelike and its composition is wonderful. Looking at this painting makes me want to visit this place and become a part of the crowd. This painting is also very colorful. However, if I were the painter, I would also draw a lot of animals, because they are also very important parts of people’s lives. Overall, I think this painting is very interesting and beautiful. If I had a chance, I would really like to put this picture on my dorm wall.

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