Stephanie Lee

High Mountain


             这是中国的大山, 高高地立在地面上。画家 Xu Longsen (徐龙森), 只用水和黑墨画山。这幅画上,我们没看到树木,水,动物, 或者人。 不过徐龙森只画着一座山站在一个假想的地面。

徐龙森1956在上海出生。他现在住在北京。徐龙森画中国古代和现代景观画。有空的时候他最喜欢去堪萨斯城的 Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art。他的灵感是从那座博物馆来的。我最喜欢这幅画因为我看这幅画觉得很平静又很神秘,所以这幅画给我留下很深的印象。这幅画看起来是一幅传统的画,因为山看起来又雄伟又神圣。

我觉得徐龙森希望我们看这幅画以后会觉得山又神秘又美丽。因为这幅画不像照片,第一眼看很难说像一座山。我先觉得是天上的云, 然后再看就是一座山。如果我在画里面,我想象会跑到最高的山顶上,在那儿沉思。 因为我想山上最高的地方很安静,所以比较容易集中精神。

This is China’s tall mountain which stands on level ground. The artist, Xu Longsen only uses water and black ink to paint this masterpiece. When one sees this painting, one does not see trees, water, or animals that live on the mountain, or people. Rather, Xu Longsen paints the mountain in an abstract space.

Xu Longsen was born in 1956 in Shanghai. He currently lives in Beijing. During his free time, he enjoys going to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. He gets his inspirations from there. I chose this painting because it was mysterious and looking at it made me feel calm. This painting had given me a strong impression.

Xu Longsen may have wanted his audience to feel that the mountain was mysterious and beautiful. Because the mountain in this painting does not look like that in photographs, at first glance, it is hard to say that this painting is that of a mountain. I thought it was a cloud, but after looking at it for awhile it started looking like an abstract mountain to me. If I were on the mountain, I would climb to the highest point and meditate on there, since I assume it would be quietest and will be easier to gain concentration.

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