Timothy Lam

Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival







English Translation:

The Chinese painting I chose was Along the River During the Qingming Festival. The painter is Zhang Zeduan. He is an artist from the Northern Song Dynasty. Northern Song Dynasty was from 960 to 1127. The painting is current in the Palace Museum in Beijing, because it is considered a national treasure.

In this painting, I can see two pieces of land connected by a bridge. This picture shows people’s daily lives. You can see a lot of people busy doing their own thing in the capital city of the Northern Song Dynasty, Bianjing. Kaifeng is what Bianjing from the Northern Song Dynasty is today. Kaifeng is in Henan province.

This painting has 3 parts. You can see the spring in the country, busy near the river mouth, and bustling city streets. This painting is famous because this painting is a variety of natural elements and structural geometry, boats and bridges, markets and shops, people and landscapes precise image. More than 550 people wearing different clothes, facial expressions and posture are shown in the picture. This painting is generally considered the most famous of all Chinese painting works, it is called “China’s Mona Lisa.”

This picture gave me the exact impression of China as I already had it. If I think of the past in China, I would think very hard-working person. I think the artist painted an accurate depiction of China back in the day.