Epidemiologist, CDC

Epidemiologist, CDC

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Opportunity Summary

This Direct Hire recruitment is to fill positions based on a critical hiring need resulting from the outbreak and spread of the “Coronavirus Disease 2019” (COVID-19), which has caused a public health emergency. As such, all applicants who meet the OPM Public Health Program Specialist Series requirements and the minimum specialized experience qualifications stated in this announcement will be referred to hiring managers for further consideration.



  • Initiate, formulate, plan and execute analytic research projects and researches the quality of methodologies and measures pertinent to the assessment and summarization of the health status of Americans.
  • Prepare comprehensive reports of study results that include discussion of substantive health issues and research objectives; assessment of the adequacy and quality of data used in the analyses; and explanation of the methodologies, results, and relevance to health issues as they relate to the epidemiological problem under study.
  • Identify and analyze public health issues and their impact on public policies or scientific studies or surveys.
  • Using established, modified and newly developed scientific and technical methods and practices, identifies and evaluates a wide range of conventional and unconventional health conditions in a specialty area.
  • Plans and carries out quality control programs and selects statistical and epidemiologic methods for use in quality control analysis.



Basic Qualifications 

  • A Bachelor’s or graduate/higher level degree: major study in an academic field related to the medical field, health sciences or allied sciences appropriate to the work of the position.
  • This degree must be from an educational program from an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education at the time the degree was obtained.

Minimum Qualifications GS-14

  • Applicants must have at least one year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the GS-13 in the Federal service as defined in the next paragraph.
  • Specialized experience is experience which is directly related to the position which has equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) to successfully perform the duties of the position to include experience developing policy and objectives, appraising programs, or initiating requirements for epidemiological studies.


How to Apply 

  • Click here to read more about this position and apply online. 
  • To apply for this position, you must complete the online application and submit the documentation specified in the Required Documents section.
  • A complete application package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on September 8th, 2020

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