Senior Specialist (Economic Modelling), Singapore’s Health Technology Assessment

Senior Specialist (Economic Modelling), Singapore’s Health Technology Assessment

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**Note: This job is located in Singapore. No experience in economic modeling is needed but a background in epi/stats is preferred.**

As the Specialist/Senior Specialist for economic modeling, you will be responsible for a) conducting relevant analysis and modeling as part of health technology assessment for drugs and medical technologies; and b) collaborate with other teams in developing relevant sections and work related to the Drug Advisory Committee (DAC) and Medical Technology Advisory Committee (MTAC for medical technologies).

Job Description:

Technical appraisal & economic modeling

Critically appraise relevant clinical studies, epidemiological data, economic data and other information
Evaluate the validity and relevance of data which may be highly complex and/or conflicting from a variety of sources to inform modeling
Critique modeling work carried out by other staff both within Agency and that by external parties
Assess completeness of the evidence base, identify gaps and highlight important issues for discussion by relevant staff or committee members
Provide additional analysis required by the committees

Planning & organization
Participate and facilitate in meetings such as scoping workshops, committee meetings
Ensure a consistent approach to economic modeling across the program work streams
Plan and manage multiple projects at different stages of development
Assist Lead Specialist in resource planning

Implementation & evaluation of impact
Develop and maintain records of work to ensure an audit trail
Conduct evaluation of the impact of ACE’s products in terms of clinical outcomes and costs
Formulate relevant evaluation reports

Communication & engagement
Maintain links with external academic, professional and clinical institutions to ensure current best practice
Regular contact with clinical experts and stakeholders relevant to technical appraisals including presenting complex technical issues in a simple and accessible way
Promoting the technical work of the Agency to be recognized as an international centre for technical excellence in HTA
Regular communication with other Divisions within MOH and external stakeholders

Training & development
As Senior Specialist, give guidance and mentor staff to improve, identify training needs and develop
Supervision of students or interns
Undertake continuing personal and professional development to meet changing demands of the job and to satisfy the required technical competencies

Commissioning & quality assurance
When economic modeling projects are commissioned externally, to develop specification
Provide QA for externally commissioned projects as well as internal work
Peer review of reports provided by the commissioned groups


Degree in healthcare (medicine, medical science, pharmacy, psychology) or economics
Post graduate qualifications in health economics, public health, statistics or epidemiology
Familiarity and experience with clinical and cost-effectiveness analyses
Experienced in conducting/critiquing economic models and research protocols
Experienced in project management
Experienced in supervising and managing staff
A commitment to excellence in quality of research and outputs
Excellent time management and discipline in meeting deadlines
Good communication skills
Ability to work well with others and build networks
At least 3 years of relevant experience in economic modeling for the Senior Specialist role

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