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Student Loan Repayment Seminar, 4/7

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Click here to watch the student loan repayment seminar on Zoom, Tuesday April 7 at 12pm

See the attached flyer for more details!  

CoCites: New Online Literature Search Tool Launched by Dr. Cecile Janssens

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Why Use CoCites?

A major challenge in writing theses we see over and over again is that students struggle to find relevant literature. This no surprise as finding literature requires quite some expertise in how to use keywords and how to select the right keywords. CoCites takes that burden away.


How is CoCites Different from Other Search Tools?

Many search engines start with entering some keywords to find at least one article that is exactly what you are looking for. Rather than trying alternative keywords to find more articles, you can click on the co-citation plug-in and find those articles in one click.

CoCites starts from articles, not keywords, and finds articles on the same specific topic. It finds and ranks articles that are cited together with the ‘query’ article. It’s based on a simple principle: when many authors (experts) cite two articles together, it’s more likely that the articles are on a similar topic. This is already an old principle and also used in the search algorithm of Google. CoCites uses the principle in a different way, which creates an informative ranking of related articles. 


Testimonial by The Confounder’s Managing Editor, Duncan Mahood, MPH

For a long time I struggled to understand why a company like Google, whose main product was a search algorithm, became such a dominant player in the technology revolution (and now the global economy). How could there be so much economic value in a search algorithm, even a good one? The answer becomes clear when you have the opportunity to compare one tool to another. This experience happened recently for me when I first tried CoCites, the new article search tool from Dr. Cecile Janssens. I had recently been working on a literature review in which our PubMed search terms returned hundreds of articles, of which only about 10%(!) were relevant. We had to sift through a LOT of noise before we could identify the articles we really needed. It was an extremely inefficient process. However, when I used CoCites, all of the top articles returned were directly relevant to our topic of study. Not 10%, not most, ALL of them. Like Google’s algorithm, a revolutionary step forward in search efficiency can have a monumental impact on the way we perform research. The value became obvious to me immediately. In epidemiology, better, more thorough background research translates to lives saved.

If you are working on your thesis or any background research on a public health topic, I would encourage you to download the plugin and try it for yourself!


How to Download CoCites on Your Computer

  1. Open up a new window in Google Chrome or Firefox
  2. Click here to go the CoCites Website 
  3. Click the “Download” button to install the free plug-in 
  4. Start your search!


Check out @cecilejanssens  and @CoCites on Twitter to see more #epitwitter reactions to this great new tool!

Infectious Disease Across Scales Seminar Series, 4/1

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2020 IDAS Seminar Series continues next week April 1, 2020 at 12 PM. 

Speaker Information:

Micaela Martinez, PhD

Assistant Professor

Environmental Health Sciences

Mailman School of Public Health

Columbia University

Talk Title:  

From Populations to Molecules: Population Ecology meets Darwinian Medicine.

 Zoom Meeting Link:

More Information on the IDAS Seminar Series

  • For more information about the IDAS Seminar Series and the IDASTP visit the webpage (IDASTP Homepage) or contact Todd Swink at tswink [at] emory [dot] edu.
  • See the attached flyer for details on the upcoming talks in the speaker series 

Addressing Your Questions About COVID-19 Webinar, Recorded 3/26

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This is a 90-minute recording of a webinar held on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

With our state and local public health workers being at the forefront of this pandemic, you are in a position to provide your community with life-saving information. Yet, with the COVID-19 landscape changing so rapidly, it is hard to have the latest, accurate information to educate those in your community. With this webinar you will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from our speaker, Carlos del Rio, MD. This webinar will have a brief update on the pandemic with the majority of the time spent on Q & A.

Click here to watch the webinar recording. 

Canvas page for COVID-19 academic updates

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Currently there are two important websites providing students, faculty, and staff with the most up to date information on policy changes related to COVID-19. They are:

Additionally, the Epidemiology Department has created a dedicated Canvas page within the MPH/MSPH Canvas area to continue to provide updates for students related to degree requirements, integrated learning experience (ILE) and applied practicum experience (APE) requirements, course registration, advising, and more. As this situation is developing, we will continue to share guidance via this Canvas page to help students navigate these changes and also access information that has already been shared across other locations. To access the page, login to Canvas and click on the COVID-19 banner from the homepage. 

For further questions, please reach out to your ADAP.

Virtual Chair’s Chat, 3/27

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Join the Epi Department for the first virtual chair’s chat on Friday March 27th at 12PM. See the flyer below for more details! 

Follow this link to join the Chair’s Chat on Zoom: 

Faculty Candidate Epi Seminar, 3/24

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Click here to watch this Epi seminar with faculty candidate Dr. Nicole Armstrong on Tuesday, March 24th from 12 – 1 pm  on Zoom. 

See the attached flyer for more information. 

Population Health Exchange Summer Institute, Summer 2020

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Registration is open!

Keep an eye on this space as more programs will be added soon.

The PHX Summer Institute offers short, immersive programs open to professionals, from across sectors, with all levels of public health knowledge. We offer a wide range of programs that teach participants career-enhancing skills, from learning to plan effective, evidence-based interventions to refining their data analysis skills, all while networking with their peers inside and outside of BUSPH.

Online Courses Offered Include:

  • Essentials of Biostatistics with SAS JMP
  • From Data to Dashboards: Using Excel to support health program decisions
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Public Health – Online
  • Monitoring and Evaluating the Impact of Public Health Programs

Click here to learn more about the available courses and to register online!

Emory University Transitions to Online Instruction in Response to COVID-19

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Effective March 11th, Emory University extended spring break for students until Sunday, March 22nd, 2020, and will transition to remote learning for graduate and undergraduate classes on Monday, March 23, 2020.

The decision to transition to remote learning, limit events, and offer telecommuting options is consistent with CDC guidelines to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 and reflect similar actions from peer institutions. 

Click here to access Emory’s website dedicated to their Coronavirus response to view the more recent updates and important communications from the university.

March Emory Vaccine Dinner Club Recording

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COVID19: What We Know, What We Suspect, What We Fear 

Click here to watch part 1, presented by: 

Dr. Carlos Del Rio, MD 

Professor, Emory Vaccine Center Professor and Chair, Hubert Department of Global Health, Rollins School of Public Health Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, Emory University School of Medicine Investigator, Emory Center for AIDS Research

Dr. James V. Lavery, PhD

Conrad N. Hilton Chair in Global Health Ethics
Professor, Hubert Department of Global Health
Rollins School of Public Health

Click here to watch part 2, presented by: 

Dr. Jay C. Butler, MD

Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases Centers for Disease Control and Prevention