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Graduate Research Assistant (APE Opportunity), PRISM

PRISM Health is seeking one to two part-time Graduate Research Assistants to work over the summer with the possibility of continuing into Fall 2023. The position includes the opportunity to work on an upcoming project led by Dr. Patrick Sullivan.

Our project is partnering with the New York State Department Wadsworth Center, which has developed an assay for MPox serology. We plan to recruit 40 individuals in Atlanta, GA for MPox testing and a short survey, in collaboration with other PRISM studies. 

The graduate research assistant would work on tasks around implementation of the study including communications with research participants, enrollment and retention activities, quality checking of data, and other duties as assigned. The ideal candidate is detail oriented, experienced with Microsoft excel, and has working knowledge of HIV and STIs and sexual and gender minority populations. 

Please email resume to Meaghan Woody at meaghan [dot] woody [at] emory [dot] edu.

AAPI Heritage Month Keynote Address

Category : News/Events


The AAPI Heritage Month Keynote Address – May 15 at noon (hybrid) will be presented by Dr. Lisa Sun-Hee Park, Professor of Asian American Studies at University of California Santa Barbara in School of Medicine, in SOM Room 170A and on Zoom. Lunch will be served for those who attend in-person. Please register in advance here.



Social Media Associates, Department of Epidemiology

Date(s): June 15, 2023 through June 15, 2024

Anticipated Hours: 8-10/week; semi-regular postings so not multi-hour blocks, for example.

Hourly Rate: $15.00

Apply by: May 21st, interviews via Zoom May 23rd and 26th.  

Application: Email noni [dot] bourne [at] emory [dot] edu with your resume and a brief description of your experience with social media.  


The Department of Epidemiology is seeking two 1st year MPH or MSPH students to manage the Department’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, respectively. Strong candidates would have prior experience managing an organizational social media account (audience analysis, content and brand development, follower and engagement growth) and be comfortable with the task of building the brand of the department in their own voice and with their own style while still representing core values of the department. 

The Department’s social media accounts (Twitter: @EmoryEPI, Instagram: @rollinsepilife) represent the voice and brand of the department. Key characteristics of the overall brand include:

  • Community
  • Collegiality and inclusion
  • Academic rigor
  • Integrity
  • Ambition

Twitter: @EmoryEPI is a platform for sharing events, news, student and faculty spotlights, and generally academic-focused content associated with the department. 

With the growth of #epitwitter over the last several years and the now substantial influence of epidemiologists online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, several faculty in the Department of Epidemiology have become authoritative and prominent voices on Twitter (especially @LCLindquist, @Jlguest, among others). As a result, the @EmoryEPI brand has grown substantially, with over 3,000 followers as of the start of this year. 

A successful student would drive conversation on Twitter by engaging with current department influencers, sharing stories and publications related to current students and faculty, developing and sharing Confounder content related to our community (weekly #WeAreEmoryEpi and #PROspective posts), and further developing the brand and voice of the department within the context of #epitwitter. Managing the Department Twitter account requires a daily commitment, as you will receive notifications of tweets and tags on a daily basis. Applicants should be prepared to keep their Twitter notifications on and maximize the Department’s presence on Twitter. They should focus on highlighting the work done by students, staff and faculty, as well as highlighting opportunities that may arise.

Instagram: @rollinsepilife is a growing platform for showing the Master and PhD student experience through visual and digitally designed content. 

Content Creation:

The social media associate will be asked to develop a wide variety of content, including photos, videos, and digital media. This responsibility may require the following:

  • Taking photos and videos for the profile’s content
  • Monitoring events that come through email or through direct message to promote on IG
  • Attending department events to collect content
  • Create posters/graphics for events, announcements and congratulations (Canva and/or Adobe Suite)
  • Engage with peers and faculty
  • Follow Instagram trends and use them in our feed
  • Engage with followers
  • Account Takeovers

Showing Rollins:

A successful associate would curate an Instagram feed showing students engaging in Rollins activities, academic pursuits, APEs, public health employment, volunteering, and at internships. Specifically, an ideal applicant would be comfortable recruiting and collaborating with a diverse group of students, professors, etc. to develop content – a task that requires confidence and composure speaking and working with a wide range of stakeholders throughout Rollins.

Follower Engagement:

Instagram, as a platform, is about promoting the idea of community and collegiality within the department, with the ultimate goal of recruiting a more engaged and activated pool of prospective applicants. A successful associate would engage followers by using various platform-specific techniques (links in stories, reels, stickers, polling, etc.) to encourage a sense of community and inclusivit

Public Health Analyst, Maternal and Child Health Bureau

Category : Alumni

MCHB is recruiting for several public health analyst positions, including in the Division of MCH Workforce Development! Please visit USA Jobs for more information.

Public Health Analyst GS-0685-12/13 Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB)

Duty Location: Rockville, MD

Job is open to: Open to the public and Govt-Wide

Open/Close Date:  Tuesday May 09, 2023 – Tuesday May 23, 2023

How to apply:

Engagement Internship, UNICEF

UNICEF is recruiting students for a paid engagement internship! Interns will improve the City by analyzing data, studying government policies, gathering information from City residents, summarizing research, and interviewing key City stakeholders. Interns will be part of some of the most important decision-making in our city, and every child will benefit from students’ perspectives and expertise.Ideal candidates will be highly reliable,  independent, and professional. Interns must have a strong interest in key city issue areas, such as education, the economy, housing, health, etc.

Interns will work 10 – 12 hours a week from May until the end of October  (tentative dates are May 10 – October 26) with weekly stipends.

Interested applicants will be able to apply starting May. Students will be reviewed on a rolling basis with application details. Kindly attach your Resume/CV.

Application information will be available at:
erecruitment [dot] unicef [at] globalsupportjobs [dot] info

The internship is completely virtual and open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Applications will be reviewed and students will be contacted with application details on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.   

Epidemiologist, National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention

Category : Alumni

Closing soon!

Duty Location: Atlanta, GA or Remote

Application Deadline: Monday, May 15, 2023 or sooner if 150 applications are received

CDC seeks exceptional candidates for a permanent position as an Epidemiologist GS-601-12/13 in the Detection and Response Branch (DRB), Division of HIV Prevention (DHP), National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP). The work of DRB focuses on detecting and responding to HIV clusters and outbreaks, a priority activity of the Division of HIV Prevention and one of four pillars of the federal Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. Initiative.

Duties and Responsibilities

The person in this position will perform the following duties:

  • Identify and analyze public health issues and their impact on public policies or scientific studies or surveys.
  • Identify and analyze public health issues and their impact on public policies or scientific studies or surveys and analyze study or project implementation procedures for improvement.
  • Provide scientific advice and technical assistance to various public, private, and/or nonprofit health and/or health-related agencies and organizations.
  • Identify or develop appropriate methods to identify or resolve various medical issues or problems, including interventions to improve the delivery of health care related to a specific public health area
  • Participate in the syntheses of social science and epidemiologic data to be applied toward designing effective prevention programs and practice guidance.
  • Prepare papers and reports for presentation to professional groups and for publication in professional journals.

 Required Qualifications:

Candidate must be a U.S. citizen and have a Bachelor’s or graduate/higher level degree with major study in an academic field related to the medical field, health sciences or allied sciences appropriate to the work of the position.

Additional Information:


Minimum Qualifications for GS-12:

Applicants must have at least one year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the GS-11 in the Federal service as defined in the next paragraph.

Specialized experience is experience which is directly related to the position which has equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) to successfully perform the duties of the position to include experience assisting with coordinating and implementing surveillance and epidemiologic activities and providing technical assistance to external health-related agencies and organizations on surveillance and epidemiologic programs relating to public health issues such as infectious diseases.


Minimum qualifications for GS-13:

Applicants must have at least one year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the GS-12 in the Federal service as defined in the next paragraph.

Specialized experience is experience which is directly related to the position which has equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) to successfully perform the duties of the position to include experience coordinating and implementing surveillance and epidemiologic activities and providing scientific advice and technical assistance to external health-related agencies and organizations on surveillance and epidemiologic programs relating to public health issues such as infectious diseases.

Promotion potential: Yes

Promotion from GS-12 to GS-13 is at management’s discretion and is based on your meeting qualifications and time-in-grade requirements, demonstrated ability to perform the higher level duties, the continuing need for the higher level duties, and administrative approval.


Learn more about careers at NCHHSTP.


How to Apply:

MP Internal: Apply at HHS-CDC- MP-23-11952333:

DE External: Apply at HHS-CDC- DE-23-11952334: 


Deadline: 11:59 PM EST on Monday, 5/15/2023 or earlier if 150 applications are received


Questions may be directed to Alexa Oster, Branch Chief, Detection and Response Branch, at aoster [at] cdc [dot] gov.

Health Scientist (Data Scientist), CDC

Category : Alumni

Closing soon!

Position Location: Division of Population Health (DPH), Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch, Analytic Methods Team

About the Branch/Team: The Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch (ESB) conducts innovative research on emerging and cross-cutting disease issues, including preventing excessive alcohol use, epilepsy, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and interstitial cystitis, and supports surveillance through Chronic Disease Indicators (CDI) and PLACES. The Analytic Methods Team advances population health by providing local and state-level data on chronic disease risk factors and conditions (e.g., PLACESCDI); applying and seeking out opportunities for innovative spatial analysis and small area estimation methods; and providing public health leadership to address specific health conditions (e.g., IBD, COPD) and other cross-cutting health conditions and risk factors.

Description of the Position: 

  • Collaborate on PLACES and ensure continuity in the availability and usability of local-level data needed to drive public health action and advance health equity.
  • Develop and apply spatial analytic methods to better understand how health measures differ within the context of community characteristics, including access and proximity to resources. 
  • Provide advice and assistance in the development and implementation of procedures and methods for expanding the team’s small area estimation approach.
  • Develop and validate small area estimation and spatial methods to examine disparities (e.g., by sex, age, race/ethnicity) to address health equity issues.
  • Disseminate results of analyses in a wide range of venues including summaries, peer reviewed journals, oral presentations, web materials, and interactive applications.
  • Develop and maintain expertise and research capacity in small area estimation and spatial epidemiology.
  • Work collaboratively with other teams within the Division, Center, and across the agency.

Desired Qualifications (not required):

  • Advanced SAS, SUDAAN, ArcGIS, and other statistical analysis software
  • Experience with small area estimation approaches
  • Experience in spatial epidemiology to analyze and visualize health issues by combining data from a variety of data sources
  • Have demonstrated strong oral and written communication skills, including data visualization
  • Have published in peer-reviewed literature

Interested candidates may apply at the following job postings:   

Open & Closing Dates:

05/10/2023 to 05/15/2023

Point of Contact: Susan A Carlson

Email Address: clo3 [at] cdc [dot] gov

APE Opportunity – Mayor of Atlanta LGBTQ Advisory Board

Background:  The Atlanta LGBTQ+ community experience multiple disparities in regards to access to healthcare and health outcomes, especially within the Trans community.  Atlanta is often ranked top worst places in the United States to receive Trans healthcare services due to the high demand and low supply of healthcare providers who specialize in LGBTQ+ and especially Trans healthcare.  There is an urgent need to enhance the availability of qualified gender clinics and healthcare providers who provide culturally affirming care for the Trans community.

Job Description:  Conduct research on the lack of healthcare access for the Trans community within the city of Atlanta.  Build a business case to showcase the need for additional healthcare resources within the city of Atlanta.  Create an understanding of the problem for the city of Atlanta Mayor’s office and create a sense of urgency to advance health equity for the Trans community.  Available stipend:  $3500

  • Deliverables
    • Create a PowerPoint deck with a data-driven approach to identify key healthcare issues of the underserved Trans community in Atlanta.
    • Research Focus Areas
      • A lack of specific education and training for healthcare workers
      • A lack of surgeons to perform gender affirming surgery in the state of Georgia
      • A lack of clinical research on Trans health-related issues
      • Restrictive health benefits for Trans individuals
      • Trans people are less likely to have a regular health care provider
      • Discrimination from a healthcare provider leads to not receiving care at all
      • Georgia legislative policy affecting Trans healthcare
      • Established gender clinics at Vanderbilt University, Washington University in St. Louis, UC-Davis, UAB, Mount Sinai could provide key learnings and reference on how to build out gender affirming clinics
    • LGBTQ+ healthcare curriculum developed for healthcare professionals in Atlanta.  
  • Competencies
    • Design evidence-based and culturally relevant health promotion interventions.
    • Assess the Trans population needs, assets and capacities that affect communities’ access to healthcare
    • Analyze quantitative and qualitative data using biostatistics, informatics, computer-based programming and software
    • Apply ethical principles to public health research and practice

Trans Committee Health Co-Leads:  Nicole Williams & Jamie Harrell

Contact:  Nicole Williams, Email:  Nicole [dot] L [dot] Williams1 [at] gmail [dot] com  – Cell:  314-363-3471

ORISE Fellowship Opportunity, FDA

Category : Alumni

Improving pattern discovery in the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System with Network Analysis

A research opportunity is available in the Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology (OSE), at the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), located in Silver Spring, Maryland. CDER performs an essential public health task by making sure that safe and effective drugs are available to improve the health of people in the United States. As part of the FDA, CDER regulates over‐the‐counter and prescription drugs, including biological therapeutics and generic drugs. This work covers more than just medicines.

The current methods of statistical data mining are limited in their ability to facilitate the identification of patterns of potential clinical interest from spontaneous reporting systems of medical product adverse events. Network analysis (NA) allows for simultaneous representation of complex connections among the key elements of such a system and can facilitate pattern discovery.

Under the guidance of the mentor, the participant will learn how to apply NA to the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) to improve adverse event pattern discovery and safety signal identification. Through guided reading of published literature on methods of NA, especially as applied to document networks, the participant will gain general knowledge of NA techniques. The participant will also learn about the role of current methods of analysis of FAERS data, including statistical disproportionality methods, for drug safety assessment at FDA. The participant will also learn how to apply NA software tools to FAERS data.


The qualified candidate should have received a doctoral degree in one of the relevant fields, or be currently pursuing the degree with completion before June 30, 2023. Degree must have been received within the past five years.

Preferred Qualifications:

  •   A strong background in programming for data analysis, using the R programming language

  •   Familiarity with medical terminology, pharmacology, and drug safety assessment

  •   Qualified Master’s degree recipients will be considered

    Eligibility Requirements:

 Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree received within the last 60 months or anticipated to be received by 6/30/2023


  •   Computer, Information, and Data Sciences (1 )

  •   Life Health and Medical Sciences (3 )

  •   Mathematics and Statistics (3 )

    Anticipated Start Date: 2023. The start date is flexible and will depend upon a variety of factors. Application Deadline: 6/30/2023 3:00:00 PM Eastern Time Zone

    Applications accepted at Fellowship Reference Code: FDA‐CDER‐2023‐1252

    For questions, contact: Robert Ball, MD, MPH at Robert [dot] Ball [at] fda [dot] hhs [dot] gov

Research Scientist, Humana Clinical Strategy and Analytics

Category : Alumni

Healthcare is rapidly changing, and our members are living longer, often with more chronic conditions. The Clinical Strategy & Analytics team identifies opportunities and build solutions to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs for millions of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries through an evidence-based approach using data analytics, clinical expertise, strategic mindset, and rigorous study designs. In this multi-disciplinary team, you will have the opportunity to work closely with strategy partners and clinicians to shape Humana’s enterprise clinical strategies and initiatives.

The Research Scientist 2 applies mathematical, statistical, and epidemiologic principles to identify trends, assess variable associations or cause-effect relationships, and size potential opportunities using high volumes of complex data. The Research Scientist 2 work assignments are varied and frequently require interpretation of data/information and independent judgement.


As a Research Scientist, you will:

  • Collaborate with analytic and data teams to set objectives, approaches, and work plans
  • Leverage a wide range of analytics methods ranging from descriptive to prescriptive to transform high volumes of complex data into analytics solutions and actional insights
  • Collaborate with clinicians and clinical informaticists to define various clinical concepts and extract clinical information from medical, pharmacy, and lab claims for analytics and modeling purposes
  • Translates analytic results into key takeaways and communicate to business partners
  • Understands department, segment, and organizational strategy and operating objectives, including their linkages to related areas
  • Make decisions regarding own work methods, occasionally in ambiguous situations with general guidance

Required Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in a quantitative discipline such as Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Economics, Statistics, Clinical Informatics, and/or related fields
  • Demonstrated strong analytical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrated strong interest in healthcare and desire to make a positive impact on population health
  • Flexible, dynamic personality who can work independently and collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary team
  • 2+ years of experience in applying mathematics, statistics, epidemiologic principals to transform high volumes of complex data into actionable insights
  • Clear and concise oral and written communication skills, with a proven ability to translate complex methodologies and analytical results to higher-level business insights and key takeaways 
  • Experience manipulating and analyzing data using Python, SAS, R, or similar software

Preferred Qualifications

  • Healthcare or managed care working experience
  • Experience working with medical, pharmacy, lab claims
  • Demonstrated familiarity with clinical concepts related to a broad range of clinical conditions and disease states – experience with oncology, behavioral health and chronic conditions would be particularly valuable
  • Demonstrated familiarity with hypothesis testing, statistical methods, and/or comparative effectiveness study design and modeling techniques
  • Experience using Pyspark, DataBricks, and/or Microsoft Azure

Scheduled Weekly Hours40

To learn more and to apply, please click here.

Upcoming Events

  • Professional Development Course: Introduction to Public Mental Health June 5, 2023 at 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Event Type: WorkshopContact Name: Allie SuessmithContact Email: allison.suessmith@emory.eduLink: course for professionals and enrolled students seeking to explore emerging issues in public mental health.In-person 2-day interactive course to receive a certification of completion or course credit.June 5-6, 20239:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST
  • Professional Development Course: Introduction to Public Mental Health June 6, 2023 at 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Event Type: WorkshopContact Name: Allie SuessmithContact Email: allison.suessmith@emory.eduLink: course for professionals and enrolled students seeking to explore emerging issues in public mental health.In-person 2-day interactive course to receive a certification of completion or course credit.June 5-6, 20239:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

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