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COVID-19 and Global Environmental Change Webinar Series, 5/11

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Part 3 of Webinar Series: The Decade After

The COVID pandemic has induced radical societal change in the matter of months, a sense of urgency, and emphasized the need for coordinated international action. How can we leverage this once in a generation inflection point to create the same sense of urgency and levels of coordinated action to address the climate crisis and sustainable development? How do we create the public demand for a more sustainable future to ensure that we do not return to business as usual? What will be the lessons from the COVID pandemic about addressing social and economic inequities?


Gonzalo Franjul, Policy Director, ISGlobal

Seminar Outline

  • Introduction (10 min): Céline Charveriat, Executive Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy
  • How the COVID pandemic can accelerate progress towards SDGs-Eeva Furman, SYKE (15 min)
  • The potential for social movements and collective action Christos Zografos, University Pompeu Fabra (15 min)
  • Could COVID move the dial forward on addressing inequalities? Mauricio Barreto, Maurício L. Barreto, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Federal University of Bahia, and Senior Investigator at FIOCRUZ. Director of the Center for Data and Knowledge Integration for Health (Cidacs), Fiocruz FIO Cruz, Brazil (15 min)
  • Getting the message right – how to build broad support and urgency for change? (15 min) Rafa Villasanjuan, ISGlobal.
  • Moderated discussion (15 min)


  • Click here to register for the third and final event in this webinar series on May 11 at 9am EST (15:00 CEST) 



Summer Schedule: Confounder goes Bi-Weekly

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Going to miss the Confounder over the summer? Don’t sweat it! We will still be sending the Confounder every other week until the beginning of the Fall semester. As always, you can navigate to the full website at any time for the most up-to-date content in between email weeks.

Have a great summer!

COVID-19, Global Environmental Change, and Opportunities to Progress Toward SDGs: Webinar Series, 4/28

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This first session from a series of online webinars explores the proximal and distal causes of the pandemic and the complex relation between infections, climate and other global environmental change. How do global environmental changes such as biodiversity loss, climate change, pollution, and urbanization facilitate the occurrence of new epidemics or modulate their public health impact?

Click here to view a pdf with more detailed information regarding the webinar series and the individual, upcoming events! 


  • Introduction to the series. COVID-19 and Planetary Health (Josep M Antó, ISGlobal)
  • The Day After (Oriana Ramírez, ISGlobal)
  • Global environmental pollution and resilience to infections (David Savitz, Brown University, USA)
  • Land use change and biodiversity loss (Fernando Valladares, CSIC)
  • Lessons from SARS, Ebola, Nipah – how our relationship with other animals got us here (Júlia Vergara, IRTA-CRESA)
  • Moderated discussion (15 min). Moderator: Cathryn Tonne

This is the first of a series of online webinars featuring presentations from area experts and moderated discussion to foster knowledge exchange across a broad audience. It is offered by ISGlobal and the Day After (el Día Después in Spanish) platform, and is oriented to a general scientific audience. It will be in English.


  • Click here to register for the first event in the webinar series on April 28th at 9am EST (15:00 CEST)

Virtual Career Fair, 5/15

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Check out this opportunity to interact with top-notch employers seeking candidates with public health degrees in live chat sessions.  For more information send an email with questions to ASPPH [at] CareerEco [dot] com

See the attached flyer for more details. 

Click here to register for the event on May 15th!

Diabetes and COVID-19 Webinar, 4/27

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created numerous challenges for persons with diabetes and for the health professionals who help manage their care. Higher rates of COVID-19 related hospitalizations and mortality, difficulty in accessing medicines and supplies, and the lack of in-person clinic visits due to lockdowns and social distancing and the resulting rapid shift to tele-medicine have caused an unprecedented overturning of the status quo. As the US healthcare system is forced to deal with disparities in care, can it benefit from procedures and low-cost technology that are standard in India? With the US ahead in the COVID-19 timeline, what are lessons that India can learn from the US experience? Will the future of diabetes care in India and the US look more similar than it has in the past?

Click here to register for the webinar! 

EGHI/GT COVID-19 Hackathon, 5/8-5/16

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The Emory Global Health Institute is hosting a virtual hackathon focused on developing solutions for specific COVID-19 problems in May. The virtual hackathon is a partnership with the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech & Emory, Georgia Tech’s CREATE X Startup Launch accelerator program, and the Emory University School of Medicine

 The virtual hackathon will take place May 8-16. Teams comprised of Emory University and Georgia Tech students will attempt to hack problems around COVID-19 screening, prevention, treatment, monitoring, and recovery efforts. The winning teams will each receive $10,000, the opportunity to take their solution to market through Georgia Tech’s CREATE-X, and other potential investment opportunities. All Emory students, including 2020 graduates, are eligible to participate.

Registration Information

Compassion and COVID-19, 4/29

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Webinar Description:

The critical role of compassion in health and well-being has become increasingly clear during the global response to COVID-19. This Global Health Compassion Rounds will engage with participants to co-develop thinking on how to cultivate compassion in pandemic response at multiple levels.

The rounds will begin with key insights from the ground-breaking meeting on the ‘Epidemiology of Compassion and Love’ held at The Task Force for Global Health in January 2020, led by Dr. David Addiss. Experts will reflect on what the insights from the technical meeting mean today, amid COVID-19. Participants will then provide reflections on the role of compassion in coping with COVID-19 in our homes, communities and in health services.


  • Click here to register for the webinar on April 29th at 11am EST

EGHI Global Health Forum, 4/14

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Click here to register for this Global Health Forum on “Preserving Mental Health during the Global Coronavirus Pandemic,” on Zoom!

See attached flyer for more details. 

EPI COVID-19 Journal Club Meeting, 4/16

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Please join the COVID-19 journal club for its next meeting on Thursday, April 16th at 12pm!

See the flyer below for more information. 

How to join:

  1. Click here to reach the listserv sign up page 
  2. Click the subscribe button and follow the sign up instructions 
  3. Or, email one of the group leaders listed on the flyer to be added to the listserv


CoCites: New Online Literature Search Tool Launched by Dr. Cecile Janssens

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Why Use CoCites?

A major challenge in writing theses we see over and over again is that students struggle to find relevant literature. This no surprise as finding literature requires quite some expertise in how to use keywords and how to select the right keywords. CoCites takes that burden away.


How is CoCites Different from Other Search Tools?

Many search engines start with entering some keywords to find at least one article that is exactly what you are looking for. Rather than trying alternative keywords to find more articles, you can click on the co-citation plug-in and find those articles in one click.

CoCites starts from articles, not keywords, and finds articles on the same specific topic. It finds and ranks articles that are cited together with the ‘query’ article. It’s based on a simple principle: when many authors (experts) cite two articles together, it’s more likely that the articles are on a similar topic. This is already an old principle and also used in the search algorithm of Google. CoCites uses the principle in a different way, which creates an informative ranking of related articles. 


Testimonial by The Confounder’s Managing Editor, Duncan Mahood, MPH

For a long time I struggled to understand why a company like Google, whose main product was a search algorithm, became such a dominant player in the technology revolution (and now the global economy). How could there be so much economic value in a search algorithm, even a good one? The answer becomes clear when you have the opportunity to compare one tool to another. This experience happened recently for me when I first tried CoCites, the new article search tool from Dr. Cecile Janssens. I had recently been working on a literature review in which our PubMed search terms returned hundreds of articles, of which only about 10%(!) were relevant. We had to sift through a LOT of noise before we could identify the articles we really needed. It was an extremely inefficient process. However, when I used CoCites, all of the top articles returned were directly relevant to our topic of study. Not 10%, not most, ALL of them. Like Google’s algorithm, a revolutionary step forward in search efficiency can have a monumental impact on the way we perform research. The value became obvious to me immediately. In epidemiology, better, more thorough background research translates to lives saved.

If you are working on your thesis or any background research on a public health topic, I would encourage you to download the plugin and try it for yourself!


How to Download CoCites on Your Computer

  1. Open up a new window in Google Chrome or Firefox
  2. Click here to go the CoCites Website 
  3. Click the “Download” button to install the free plug-in 
  4. Start your search!


Check out @cecilejanssens  and @CoCites on Twitter to see more #epitwitter reactions to this great new tool!