BSHE 760R Course

BSHE 760R Course

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Are you interested in learning how to analyze big data to end drug-related harms? Sign up for BSHE 760R!

Reducing Drug-Related Harms using Big Data: Administrative, Geospatial and Network Data Sources
(GRAD 700R / BSHE 760R)
Fridays 10 AM to 1 PM (Consists of a 2-hour lecture and 1-hour lab)

Course instructors:
Hannah Cooper, ScD, Lance Waller, PhD and Weihua An, PhD

Course description:
This interdisciplinary 4-credit course will prepare students to conduct ethical, rigorous, and theoretically informed analyses of three types of “big data” (administrative, geospatial, and social network data) in the context of research and interventions into intersecting crises of substance use disorders and drug-related harms.

This course is a part of the TADA training program on analzying big data to end drug-related harms. To learn more, please contact Marielysse Cortes at mcortes [at] emory [dot] edu.

To learn more about additional pre-doctoral training opportunities, please visit

Familiarity with Regression (e.g., BIOS 501, BSHES 700), SAS (e.g., BIOS 501) and R (e.g., BIOS 544) is required.

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