Empowering Women for Leadership in Global Health

Empowering Women for Leadership in Global Health

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EMERGE is supported by the Women of Emory Impact Circle and the Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University to empower early-career women for leadership in global health. EMERGE will support Emory women graduate students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds by offering opportunities for leadership training, mentoring, and teambased projects that contribute to academic flourishing and positive career outcomes in global health.


Students are eligible to apply if they are enrolled full-time in a graduate program at Emory; are engaged in global-health research; self-identify as a woman; belong to a Historically Underrepresented Group (HUG)1 or come from a low- or middle-income country (LMIC); demonstrate leadership potential; and can be present for all in-person programming to maximize engagement with other EMERGE fellows. EMERGE is committed to select a talented cohort of up to 30 doctoral or exceptional masters-level students from diverse disciplines, graduate programs, and backgrounds.


All students selected to be EMERGE fellows will be expected to complete the following program components:
• Three-day leadership development workshop (in-person)
• Periodic lunch-time speaker webinar “Stories of Leadership” (in-person or zoom)
• Six-month team-based “Women’s Leadership Challenge” with regular team and mentor meetings (in-person or zoom)
• Leadership challenge deliverable (research manuscript; original photo-gallery or artwork; a form of public scholarship)
• Culminating celebration and showcase of Women’s Leadership Challenge Projects

The program team will ask fellows to assess their experience and to share ideas to enhance EMERGE by inviting them to take part in a team-based focus-group discussion before and after the leadership challenge and to complete a questionnaire—just before the leadership development workshop, just after the workshop, at 6 months, at 9 months, and at the 12-month end-of-project mark. These data will help us to assess program impacts on specific leadership domains, as well as perceptions of and satisfaction with the EMERGE program. Please bring your drive, passion, and commitment to EMERGE; engage fully with peers, mentors, and coaches; and make the most of all program elements. A key takeaway of EMERGE are the relationships you form during this year.


Complete and submit your application at this link: https://redcap.emory.edu/surveys/?s=N7JCWWKRDAKH4TTP
In addition to answering the online application questions, please upload the following materials to the submission portal:
(1) Full Curriculum Vitae;

(2) One-page statement (11-point font) describing yourself and your career goals in global health;

(3) 90-second video created by the applicant describing a leadership challenge for women in global health;

(4) Letter of recommendation from an academic advisor who is committed to join our EMERGE pool of mentors. Your recommender should clarify the nature and duration of their relationship with you; global-health related contributions you have made to your field; your strongest leadership skills and most promising areas for growth; and your most distinctive professional quality or accomplishment. Send your questions to Dr. Kathryn Yount (kyount [at] emory [dot] edu).


• Application deadline: July 01, 2022 at 5pm
• Notification of selection (by program coordinator): July 15, 2022
• Confirmation of acceptance (by applicant): July 22, 2022
• Program start (leadership workshop): August 11-13, 2022 (to be confirmed)

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