Introduction to Literature Review, 9/29

Introduction to Literature Review, 9/29

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Next Tuesday, Dr. Cecile Jansens will give a short introduction about how to do a literature review. This lecture will be practical, with lots of tips and tricks to make your literature better: how to search the literature, how to stay organized, and (a bit) how to write.

In the lecture she will demonstrate a new tool for searching scientific literature that we developed at our school: CoCites. Students who use the tool say it’s a time-saver that makes literature searches so much easier. Because using CoCites works somewhat different than searching PubMed or Google Scholar, be sure to download the CoCites browser extension and try it out before class.


How to Get CoCites

  • Click here to download the extension.
  • After downloading, if you search PubMed, you will see that the search buttons appear.
  • If you click on the buttons (preferably those with a value >10), CoCites gives you a list of related articles.


How to Join this Session 

This session will take place on Tuesday September 29th at 12:05PM. Check your Outlook inbox for the Zoom meeting information!



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