GH 510 TA Needed

GH 510 TA Needed

COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE: GH510: Epidemiological Methods in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (Spring Break)

QUALIFICATIONS: Previous experience working in a global (preferably humanitarian) setting or previously passed GH 510

DUTIES:  Support updating Canvas, grading quizzes and finals, coordinating breakout groups and demonstrations, other support as needed

HOURS/WEEK: Course is a week long during spring break. Work is full time during the week of the course + 2-4h/week during the 2 weeks before and after the course

FACULTY Name: Eva Leidman and Oleg Bilukha

HOW TO APPLY:  Student should make an appointment for an interview: Email Eva Leidman eleidman [at] cdc [dot] gov or Oleg Bilukha  obb0 [at] cdc [dot] gov

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