HLTH 230 TA Position

HLTH 230 TA Position

Professor Eagle is seeking a new teaching assistant for his Health Humanities class, which is a required course for all Human Health majors in the Center for the Study of Human Health.  This class will have two sections in Fall 2022 (M/W 1:00-2:15 and M/W 2:30-3:45) in person in White Hall.  Responsibilities for the position include: (1) grading three short-answer exams, along with six very short pop reading quizzes throughout the semester for approximately 40 students, (2) maintaining all grades on Canvas, (3) holding occasional office hours prior to the exams, (4) meeting with Professor Eagle periodically to go over grading, etc. First-time TAs will also need to keep up with the readings and ideally attend most of our class sessions for their section. Please email expressions of interest to chriseagle [at] emory [dot] edu along with a brief summary of your background and research interests and your CV.     


HLTH 230 TOPIC: This class explores the role of the Humanities in broadening our perspectives on health and embodiment. We examine how literary narratives and metaphors can shape our lived experience of health and illness. We also study various philosophical accounts of embodiment, along with recent critiques of the expanding medicalization of human experience. 


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