How to Network

How to Network

Networking can be difficult, especially if you are introverted or intimidated by the role of someone with whom you’d like to connect professionally. Here are some things I have learned during my time at Rollins:

1 Approach every networking event as an opportunity to have a conversation. I remember Rodger mentioning this at a workshop I attended. There are many areas in public health and having this flexible mindset helps you to learn about areas you weren’t as familiar about while also helping you to be more relaxed when you talk to a giant in your field.

2 Start networking early (before you are looking for a practicum or full-time job). You never know what opportunities will be available and sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time. Even if someone isn’t in your topic area, their network could inform them of a great opportunity you’d be interested in.

3 Take advantage of the events Rollins holds for mock interviews etc. I have come out of these events with 1-2 people to follow-up with and it always helps to have feedback on interviewing skills.

4 Never dismiss anyone as unimportant. Public health is a small collaborative field. The person overhearing your conversation in the elevator might just be your supervisor one day.

Other steps you can take to network:

Join the LinkedIn Rollins Alumni Group:¬†Emory University — Rollins School of Public Health Alumni Association

Attend CDA workshops: CDA LinkedIn Workshop (4/10, 12 pm Р1 pm)

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