2nd Year Epi MPH Student: Amber Moore

2nd Year Epi MPH Student: Amber Moore

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For this week’s #IamEmoryEpi spotlight, we met up with Amber Moore!

Tell us where you went to school:

I went to Ohio State University (Go Bucks), where I studied Environmental Public Health.

What are your primary research interests?

I’m primarily interested in mental and behavioral health, especially depression and suicide.

What did you do this past summer?

I was an ORISE Fellow at the CDC studying Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

How did you find the research that you are currently conducting?

My REAL supervisor asked me to stay on for the summer and I was able to meet the MH Certificate requirements through our study!

What is your favorite part about being at Emory?

First of all, the connection between Emory and the CDC is an incredible opportunity that not many schools can offer. I’m so lucky to have 1.5 years experience there when I graduate, which will (hopefully) make me competitive in the job search. Second, Atlanta is an amazing city to live in as a young professional.

Do you have any advice for MPH students?

Seek out opportunities to grow as a public health professional outside of the classroom. I’ve learned so much through organizations and volunteering.

What are three fun facts about yourself?

1. I was born on Leap Year.
2. A wasp once got stuck in my ear.
3. I love to paint when I have the free time.


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