2nd Year MPH: Lilly Boyer

2nd Year MPH: Lilly Boyer

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For this week’s #IamEmoryEpi spotlight, we wanted to highlight someone who has played a big role in The Confounder’s success as its first editor: Lilly Boyer!

Tell us a little bit about your academic history:

I was a Human Health major at Emory University.

What are your primary research interests?

I am interested in chronic disease epi. I am writing my thesis with CHOA on cancer survivorship.

What are you looking forward to this spring semester?

I am excited to be working with CHOA (after having worked with them last year through REAL)! I am passionate about cancer survivorship and excited to be a part of the great research they do that directly informs the care of childhood cancer survivors.

Are there any exciting projects or experiences you are involved in right now?

I’m currently working at the Georgia Department of Public Health with the acute Epidemiology team on foodborne illness. It’s been great seeing what it’s like to work at the state level.

What is your favorite part about earning your MPH at Rollins?

I chose Rollins because of the exposure to public health practice through work experience and the strength of the academic program. I have really enjoyed getting to see public health in practice and being part of the community, especially being a part of the Confounder team!

What advice do you have for 1st year MPH students?

There are so many great opportunities at Rollins and in the public health organizations in Atlanta but make sure you take some time to unwind and do something you love. I recommend going to the botantical garden and Piemont Park!

What books are you currently reading, or what podcasts are you currently listening to?

Some of my favorite podcasts to listen to are Freakonomics Radio, Dear HBR and Hidden Brain. I find Freakonomics Radio very interesting because it covers behavior change and even some public health issues. Dear HBR is good for professional development advice; I like Hidden Brain because it uses science to explain human behavior and relationships.

What are three fun facts that you want people to know about you?

  1. I raised sheep and had pet rabbits as a kid.
  2. I love Orangetheory, just ask my friends. I’ve recruited 5 people to join.
  3. I love to bake; it is genetic as my mom’s family were popular bakers in Germany and Washington DC.

What will you miss most about being part of the EmoryEpi Social Media Team?

I am going to miss working with the Confounder team. As a first year especially, I really enjoyed getting to work with Tori and Duncan and getting advice from them. I enjoyed seeing the Confounder grow and develop as time went on and we welcomed the new team. I feel like part of the reason the Confounder has been so successful is because of the students, faculty, ADAPS and alumni who contribute to the team, read the content and send in items to post. I really enjoyed connecting with alumni and students in the Rollins community and hearing the great work people are doing while at Rollins and beyond. 

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