#WeAreEmoryEPI: Meet Jasmine Southivongnorath

#WeAreEmoryEPI: Meet Jasmine Southivongnorath

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Meet Jasmine Southivongnorath! Jasmine is a second-year Epidemiology MPH candidate with research interest in infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, chronic diseases, and social determinants of health. In this feature, Jasmine talks about her experience at Rollins, advice for first-years, and what she likes to do in her free time. Read more about her below!



Tell us a little bit about your academic history/where you went to school. 

I graduated with a BS in Biomedical Sciences from Rochester Institute of Technology in May 2020.


Are there any exciting projects that you are currently working on that you’d like to share with us?

I am currently working as a research assistant with Dr. Michael Goodman and Dr. Rami Yacoub, focusing on medical record abstractions for the CEASAR and TOPCS prostate cancer projects. I am also doing my APE with Dr. Julie Gazmararian on the relationship between sleep and academics of high school students in Barrow County, GA and creating school-specific analyses and reports.


What is your favorite part about earning your MPH at Emory?

I really love how integrated the faculty/staff are with students and the abundance of networking opportunities there are for us to succeed. I also love being part of such a huge public health community and attending one of the top public health schools in the nation.


When applying, what were you looking for in a public health school, and what factors drove you towards Rollins?

I was looking for a school that is largely research- or science-based. Coming with a scientific background, I wanted to apply to a program that had the same amount of rigor that will strive me to do my best. I also loved that Rollins is well known in the public health world, with its opportunities and connections, and know that I see myself succeeding here.


What is your favorite class you have taken so far at Emory and why? 

I really enjoyed taking EPI 517 – Case Studies in ID Epi during my fall semester, which exposed me to a lot of knowledge about so many different infectious diseases. Applying key epi concepts and characteristics of IDs to real-life examples/cases allowed myself to be integrated in the process of working up outbreaks and identifying possible solutions.


What advice do you have for 1st year MPH Students?

Attend office hours! Whether they’re hosted by your professor or a TA, these sessions definitely helped me in understanding methods and data analysis. Seek opportunities such as a research assistant position or a leadership position. And lastly, enjoy your time and have fun during your time here!


How have you been spending your free time?

I enjoy watching shows/movies on Netflix/Disney+ (I just binged the entire MCU movies), listening to true crime podcasts, cooking, and going on food adventures!


If you currently live in Atlanta, what is one place that you would recommend people to visit? 

Jeni’s or Butter & Cream for some good ice cream!


What are three fun facts that you want people to know about you?
  1. I am practically addicted to boba.
  2. My current favorite artists are MANILA GREY and Thuy (check Spotify).
  3. Moving to Atlanta for grad school was my biggest move ever, I am originally from NY!



It was great to get to know you, Jasmine! Tune in every Monday for another feature on #WeAreEmoryEPI.


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