#WeAreEmoryEPI: Meet the 2021-2022 Communications Team

#WeAreEmoryEPI: Meet the 2021-2022 Communications Team

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This week on #WeAreEmoryEPI, as the Communications Team gets ready to pass the torch to a new group of epi students we want to once again highlight the Department of Epidemiology’s current team! Alex Whicker is tasked with The Confounder, Krysta Medearis runs @rollinsepilife on Instagram, and I, Nancy Nguyen, manage @EmoryEpi on Twitter. We responded to a few questions about ourselves, our roles on the team, and what we are looking forward to this coming fall!




Left to right: Alex Whicker – Communications Associate, Krysta Medearis – Social Media Associate (Instagram), Nancy Nguyen – Social Media Associate (Twitter)

What is your role on the communications team and what does a typical work week look like for you?

Alex: I run The Confounder blog and weekly newsletter. My typical work week involves checking and responding to emails regularly, posting news, events and student opportunities to the blog, and updating the weekly newsletter. I also communicate with other people on the communications team and Epi department as needed to share updates with students.

Krysta: My primary role on the communications team will be running the Instagram page. My typical work week consists of staying up to date on current and relevant events that may be beneficial to students. I spend a lot of time in Canva creating content and on the Instagram page staying up to date on other things happening at Emory. 

Nancy: I mainly handle the @EmoryEpi Twitter account! In a typical week, I tweet about events at Rollins and the exciting work that the Epidemiology faculty and students are doing! I also am in charge of writing posts for our #WeAreEmoryEPI series on The Confounder, where I contact a featured student or alumnus and put together the interview piece. 



Tell us a little bit about your academic history/where you went to school.

Alex: I studied Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Krysta: I attended undergrad at Alabama State University where I received my B.S. in Biology. 

Nancy: I got my B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.



What are your primary research interests?

Alex: My primary research interests are in maternal and child health and LGBTQ health. 

Krysta: My primary research interests include social determinants of health and infectious diseases.

Nancy: My primary research interests include health literacy among immigrant communities, social determinants of health, and cancer epidemiology.



How do you balance your work for the communications team with your other work and academic responsibilities?

Alex: I balance this job with my other responsibilities by doing a little bit of work each day, keeping track of due dates, and lots of multitasking! Scheduling time for me to complete different activities or even take breaks is also helpful.

Krysta: I usually set aside time during the afternoon or evenings to create content to post and stay up to date on important information that should be shared with the department.

Nancy: I try to plan out my days and have designated times when I check the Twitter feed. I also try to have certain tweets written and ready to be tweeted the day before, or plan out what topics I want to talk about for which days. 



What is something you are looking forward to in regards to your new communications position?

Alex: I’m excited to learn more about the different opportunities within the Epi department and build better relationships with faculty and students!

Krysta: I’m definitely looking forward to meeting new people! I think the position will give me a chance to connect with more faculty and peers.

Nancy: I am looking forward to connecting with the Rollins community and showcasing the exciting work that our faculty and students do! 



What are you most excited about for this coming fall semester?

Alex: I’m most excited about going to in-person events and classes!

Krysta: I’m excited to be able to take in-person classes and meet more of my peers across all cohorts. 

Nancy: I am excited to be in person and finally meet my Epi cohort!



Is there any advice you would like to give to our incoming first-years?

Alex: Reach out to any professors you think are interesting, even if it’s just to chat! Most are more than happy to. Also, give yourself time to rest and do fun things. Don’t compare how much you study, how many jobs or extracurriculars you have, or how quickly you find opportunities to other people.

Krysta: I would tell incoming first-years to take advantage of every opportunity they are given and reach out to professors and peers who have the same interests in you.

Nancy: I would say to attend any student events if you have the time. They are great places to connect with the Rollins community.





Thank you for checking out this week’s #WeAreEmoryEPI, we were so excited to share our experiences! Make sure to keep an eye out to see who we speak to next on #WeAreEmoryEPI.

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