A couple summers ago, I joined with two other PhD students in developing a performance-based learning program for kids named The Puck Project. The idea came to us when, as luck would have it, we were having dinner with …

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image by http://myhdhair.com

Hair Monologues

One Prompt; Three Reflections

by Agastya Vaidya (Emory University, C’22)

I asked three individuals to tell me about their hair and audio recorded their responses. I then crafted a short verbatim performance piece, inspired

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image by Yuri Samoilov (creative commons)


A Short Ethnographic Theater Piece on Life during COVID-19

by Joy Min (Emory University, C’21)

I’ve recollected some of my experiences in Atlanta, my friends’ experiences from Washington DC, the Bay area,

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Image by Mai Ly Degnan (NPR)

Rush Monologues | COVID-19 Shorts

by Aditya Jhaveri (Emory University, C’21)

Introduction: The short ethnographic theater piece is based on interviews with three international students, exploring their experiences in response to the effects of

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