Become a Google Power User

Learn how to take control of Google, to craft thoughtful, smart searches that will help to cut through all of the usual Google “noise” – and yield more credible, targeted content.

Did you know that you can:

  • Search for keywords in specific URLs?
  • Include relevant synonyms in your search statement?
  • Limited returned results to a range of dates?
  • Target specific data sets (e.g. 2020-2025) within your search results?

How? Part of the answer is to take advantage of Google’s many advanced search features. The Goizueta Business Library has them together for you in two handouts:

Advanced Google Cheat Sheet: a 1-page handout which highlights many of these features.

Become a Google Power User-Tips and Techniques: a more detailed guide on how to use these features with lots of search examples.

Next steps? Browse returned results, carefully scrutinizing for credible sources. Being thoughtful about your search strategies and taking advantage of advanced Google search features is a huge help – but ultimately you still have to vet the returned results to ensure you are selecting authoritative, credible evidence to support your work.

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