Business Research Database Blog Series: TechCrunch

The Emory community has access to a wealth of business research databases. This series highlights many of these great resources, including content and the best applications for classes and career prep. 

TechCrunch Startups Page
What You Will Find

While a website rather than a database, TechCrunch is a leading technology source that focuses on emerging startups and cutting-edge technology news. You will find information on numerous topics, opinions, and analysis of tech companies and startups, as well as information on venture capital, entrepreneurship, deals, pitches, innovation disruption, Fintech, Medtech, and more. If you want to explore information about future market demand, you will find a wealth of information here. 

Use for Class Projects

Students will be able to find information that will inform their projects, pitches, and case competitions on topics such as startups, finance, entrepreneurship, tech-anything, industry disruption or innovation, and more. TechCrunch’s easily navigable website allow users to quickly find the TC List, a curated list of investors organized by market verticals,  TC Newsletters and Videos, that include product reviews, interviews, and Events for all upcoming conferences and webinars. 

Use for Interview Prep

TechCrunch is a great resource for your interview preparation with its focus on stories about startups and entrepreneurs, and the people and stories behind that news that help shape the world of innovation and technology. By staying on top of emerging tech news, you will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are knowledgeable and interested in key aspects of the industry

Additional Business Resources

You can also use the Business Research Guide to locate additional business resources, locate tips for how to use them, and understand which are best for your specific research needs. 

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