Newsbank World Access News Database: Search the AJC and other U.S. & International Newspapers

Did you know that you have full access to images of current and historical articles from the Atlanta Journal Constitution/AJC?

Newsbank World Access News contains approximately 13,000 sources from over 200 countries, making it an important go-to resource to browse and search major newspapers from local, regional, national, and international locations. Take a look at the Title List.

What You Can Do in Newsbank

  • You can browse a specific issue of the AJC daily newspaper.
  • You can conduct keyword searches within a specific issue or across a specified date-range
  • By creating an account, using your email, you can save articles, save searches, and create alerts.

Want to learn more? This cheat sheet will tell you everything you need to know to leverage the power of Newsbank.




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