Career Research Tip: Technical training with O’Reilly’s videos, ebooks, audiobooks and case studies

O’Reilly (formerly Safari) has several career focused ebooks including The Infographic Resume, The Google Resume, What to Say in Every Job Interview, Outstanding Business English, and more.  

O’Reilly also includes career exploration resources such as Cracking the Tech Career and a wide range of technical topics including data visualization, mobile and web development and design, and career development. There are several Learning Paths providing training for Big Data Applications, Google Analytics, PMP certification, GitHub, Ethical Hacking, and more.

Along with this technical and interview prep, the video case studies in O’Reilly help you “learn how to avoid mistakes from the pros who made them first.”  They include coverage of Pinterest, Spotify, Slack and more.  These include coverage of business challenges and lessons learned that can be helpful when thinking about business problems.

To access O’Reilly’s content, choose “institution not listed” on the O’Reilly database homepage page, and then enter your email when prompted. You can also download their app.

choose institution not listed: 

enter your email on the next screen: 


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